If you can not wait to go to the beach here is our selection of (some) of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Tips for the summer: the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a treasure chest to be discovered ... among its thousands of islands, today we recommend some that we think are absolutely unmissable. If you can not wait to go to the beach, and you like to do so surrounded by the scents, colors and stunning landscapes of mare nostrum , here is our selection of (some) of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean .

Panarea, Italy

The smallest and most geologically oldest island of the volcanic archipelago of the> Aeolian is so beautiful that it was chosen as a film set for various films, including the famous L'avventura by Michelangelo Antonioni (1960); here dense Mediterranean vegetation and cliffs overlooking the sea alternate with delightful coves and villages of white houses. Perfect for a sailing holiday to the discovery of the surrounding islets, Panarea struggles between the worldliness of its visitors and the simple genuineness of nature.

Brac, Croatia

Largest island of the Dalmatian archipelago and third of the whole Adriatic, Brac is a territory of contrasts: predominantly mountainous, with peaks that rise during the winter, but has 170 km of beaches, among which the most famous are those of Bol . A locality that has not been able to maintain tourism discreetly and respectful of the surrounding natural environment; among the most suggestive bays, that of white pebbles of Zlatni Rat. In July and August there is also an interesting Cultural Festival of music and dance.

Isola of San Pietro, Sardinia

San Pietro, with its only inhabited center of Carloforte , is a beautiful island reachable with a half hour of navigation from Portovesme or Sant'Antiaco, both an hour away from Cagliari. The peculiar history of the place, with the different colonizations that have succeeded one another, is reflected in the strange dialect spoken by the inhabitants and in the excellent cuisine , a tasty mix of Mediterranean flavors. The beaches are fantastic and the village lively and colorful, but try to avoid if you can the month of August, when the invasion of tourists and chaos could fight with the beauty of the area!

Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Among the islands that are part of the Canary archipelago, Lanzarote is the closer to Africa; partly because of its latitude and partly due to its volcanic origin, here the landscapes are arid, volcanic, harsh, almost desolate . So forget the lush vegetation, or rather forget the trees because here there are none ... on the other hand, the lunar and magnetic desert scenery will transport you to a new dimension, and the sandy beaches washed by clear waters will satisfy your need for relaxation. p>


Menorca, Spain

The wonderful island of the Balearics is a perfect destination for everyone: walkers, sunbathers , windsurfers, families, couples looking for deserted coves , or simply for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. The blue and incredible transparency of the water meet the intense colors of the bush and the scents of the Mediterranean envelop you in an atmosphere from which you will never want to leave.The center of the town is delightful while the hinterland can be turned by bike, looking for the perfect bay and natural pools where you can regenerate ... waiting for the fish to eat in the evening!

Gozo, Malta ​​span>

Follow the example of the Maltese, who on weekends escape this islet of bitter beauty (its younger sister and less known) to escape the bustle of Malta and dive into overhanging rocks in its crystalline waters to discover the rich depths. Do not forget to stop at the Blue Lagoon , a set of well-known films and a truly heavenly corner and then follow for Victoria, the center of the island's life.

Lopud, Croatia

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The tranquil Elafiti islands are far away light years from the chaos of Dubrovnik, and Lopud is where are some of the best beaches in the region, like that of Sunj , surrounded by green hills. It is pleasant to observe the life that swarms around the small port, where fish taverns and small hotels are ready to make tourists happy.

Formentera, Spain

It will also have become particularly trendy, but this little gem of the Mediterranean shines with pure light and an intact beauty that is always moving. Relaxed and with a certain snobbish touch, Formentera is perfect for those who want to keep away from the partying mood and above the lines of Ibiza and enjoy Caribbean beaches and breathtaking sunsets .

Island of Elba, Italy

70 beautiful beaches surround this island , where Napoleon - who chose it for his exile - could have easily spent time relaxing between swimming and sunbathing. Coves of all types, sandy, volcanic and rocky, including the beautiful Fetovaia in the south and Scaglieri in the north, the best for unforgettable sunsets on nearby Capraia.

Crete, Greece

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The wealth historical, cultural and landscape of this island is something amazing: lush valleys, breathtaking gorges, fertile plateaus and wide plains are the backdrop to testimonies of the past such as the Minoan palace of Knossos, Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses ... and then of course there are the beaches. More than 350, wild, exotic or equipped for seaside life. Among the best, Elafonissi, Vai and the dazzling Balos Lagoon.