Naples is one of the most loved and picturesque Italian cities, discover 25 original things not to be missed in the city of Pulcinella.

25 things to do in Naples

If there is an Italian city that contains a charming mix of traditions and folklore, this is Naples , a place to get lost in the streets without a precise destination, however, offers unforgettable experiences, magnificent views and unique anecdotes. Naples deserves to be visited even so, letting yourself be guided by the smells and noises of its buzzing bustle. This city, so indomitable and colorful , hardly does not overwhelm and fascinate with its superstitions and its fantasies. Let yourself be enchanted by the city whose historic center has been declared a Unesco heritage and you will love it, we guarantee it.

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25 things to do in Naples:

1 ) The Monastery of Santa Chiara and especially its eighteenth-century cloister decorated with majolica and where lemon trees offer a truly relaxing atmosphere.

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2) The Cathedral of Naples is an emblematic place of the city where they are kept the relics of San Gennaro. You will find them in the adjacent Museo del Tesoro where there are also the famous golden bust of the Saint and the ampoules containing his blood.

 duomo napoli
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3) If you want to attend one of the most folkloristic and exciting moments of the city, try to find yourself in Naples on September 19th, when the miracle of San Gennaro and the blood of the Saint passes from solid to liquid state. For the Neapolitans the good result of the miracle is very auspicious and the celebrations after the mass are among the most famous events in Italy.

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4) Admire the sculpture of the Veiled Christ of Giuseppe Sanmartino in the chapel of San Severo. Here you will also find two skeletons that according to popular legends have the circulatory system still intact and petrified as a result of magic potions and experiments of Prince Raimondo di Sangro, passionate alchemist of 1700.

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5) Go down into the bowels of the city to visit Naples underground, you will be offered a candle to move easily in the dark tunnels. You will find catacombs, cemeteries and underground caves.Assagiatela from Sorbillo, probably the most famous and beloved pizzeria by the Neapolitans. Be patient, the queue to enter will probably be a little long but flowing and ... it will be worth the wait.

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7) San Gregorio Armeno is one of the most famous streets in Naples , especially at Christmas. It is famous for its cribs; the artisans build statuettes of every kind and dimension for generations and tear a smile representing the most famous characters of politics, entertainment and culture who became protagonists in the year that is about to close.

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8) For those who are not easily frightened, we recommend visiting the Fontanelle Cemetery, a dark and mysterious place of history and superstition. Here are the skulls and bones of some victims of the great plague of 1656 and of the cholera of 1836 and here was the ritual of the "pezzentelle souls", which involved the adoption and arrangement of a skull (called "capuzzella"), to which corresponded a soul abandoned in exchange for protection.

 cemetery fontanelle
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9) In Largo Corpo there was an altar dedicated to the Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona who played in the football team of Naples between the '80s and' 90s. It contained a lock of her hair, venerated like a relic. Now the so-called "Miraculous Hair" is located inside the Nile Bar, so, after having photographed it, you can order a coffee.

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10) Neapolitan street food has not rivals and if you are hungry strolling through the streets of the city let yourself be guided by the scent, you will end up in one of the many friggitorie and for a few pennies you can buy a "cuoppo", ie a straw paper cone in which you will need, at your choice, from fried pizzas at dough balls grown , from potato croquettes to aubergines. But possibly also some very simple french fries.

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11) Visit Castel dell'Ovo located on the Isolotto di Megaride, according to the legend the name derives from an egg that he hid Virgil in the basement of the castle and on which the fate of the building and of the entire city of Naples would depend. From the terraces of this castle and its terraces you can enjoy a wonderful view of the gulf and a unique view of the city.

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12) Some subway stops are real works of contemporary art that leave you speechless and it is no coincidence that they are called "Stazione dell'Arte".Start from the Porta di Palazzo Reale and walk the 170 meters that separate you from the center between the two equestrian statues to pass in between. To succeed is less simple than we think, but we do not reveal why ... Try it!

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14) To enjoy a view of the Vesuvius, the symbol of the city, climb to Posillipo, there is a street that offers a spectacular view and is Via Petrarca, also known as "La Panoramica". On a sunny day and the sky clear of clouds, the view you will find will be unforgettable.

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15) To get out of the center looking for a little relaxation in the green go to the Parco delle Rimembranze or Virgiliano . U n system of terraces overlooking the gulf offers a panorama that includes the main wonders of the Gulf of Naples. I n just a glance, in fact, you can see the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri, the Gulf of Pozzuoli, and even the historic center of Naples.

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16) For a sweet break bite a sfogliatella, one of the typical sweets of the city. You can choose it riccia, that is prepared with puff pastry, or shortcrust, if prepared with shortcrust pastry. Pasticceria Attanasio, near the train station, has been making this cake since 1930.

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17) The submerged park of Gaiola is a small marine protected area of ​​42 hectares of sea that surrounds the Gaiola Islands in the gulf of Naples. On its backdrops you can see the archaeological finds of the Villa Imperiale of Pausilypon and the remains of the imposing Roman Theater of the first century BC

 gaiola park
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18) If you want to spend the night with the city's inhabitants, take a trip to Piazza Bellini where the boys from all over Naples pour out every night of the week to party under the famous statue composer.

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19) For those who love museums, the National of Capodimonte is an unmissable stop on a visit to Naples.If you love antique markets do not miss the Villa Comunale.

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22 ) If you have time and want to explore the surroundings of the city take a ferry to the island of Capri, an island beloved by tourists from around the world. Nobody can remain insensitive to its clear and crystalline sea , to the typical small shops , to its enchanting faraglioni .

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23 ) Another unmissable island is Ischia, with the Aragonese Castle and the famous baths of the Poseidon Gardens (Forio) that with their gardens are considered among the most beautiful and largest in Europe .

 aragonese castle
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24) The Villa di Caserta, built by the King of Naples Charles of Bourbon to be able to stand comparison with that of Versailles, has been proclaimed UNESCO heritage and is often the set of films of international renown. They were shot here, for example, "Angels and Demons" and "Mission: Impossible 3".

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25) Another interesting destination in the province of Naples is Pompeii, which was one of the most impressive cities of Roman times and was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD The excavations are a suggestive testimony of the lifestyle of the city of the time , which seems to have serenely fallen asleep under the volcanic dust.

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The capital of Naples is this and much more, if we managed to make you come and visit it discover the unmissable offers for Naples to fly at low cost prices.