The Huffington Post lets us discover the cities made in U.S.A. best for a young and alternative holiday

The "coolest" cities in the United States [part one]

Are you planning a trip on the road in the boundless North American territories? Can you imagine yourself in a van, or maybe a motorbike, moving from city to city? The United States is a huge nation, consisting of 50 states that encompass a myriad of incredible natural and urban environments. Among so many interesting cities, which ones to choose for your visit? Leaving aside the most famous destinations (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago), we present the 20 most interesting American cities , especially recommended to young backpackers looking for adventure and less tourist spots but with a charm to be discovered. Here are the top 10:

Nashville, Tennessee

nashville street
source: thomas hawk/flickr

The capital of Tennessee has practically everything you could wish for: wonderful green spaces, vibrant cultural and university life and excellent cuisine. Considered by many to be the best city in the country for live music, it is mostly famous for jazz, music clubs and record shops in the Music Row area. The eastern part has become a hot spot for young local and non-local hipster.

Asheville, North Carolina


An extravagant exception to the traditional (but beautiful) cities of the South, Asheville is a true hippie capital . The local gastronomy is delicious and varied, as are the proposals for live music, ranging from indie to folk to bluegrass and country. Surrounded by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville boasts the right mix of outdoor activities and urban atmosphere.

Portland, Oregon

portland brewery

Portland has long been a popular destination for young people, artists and bohemians. Easy to understand why if you think this is considered the best city in the United States for happy hour , with a much higher bar density than that of New York. Craft breweries are increasingly common (Portland is the city where you can find the best beer in the country) and the clubs are impressive in quality and quantity.

Denver, Colorado


The mile high city is known for its micro-breweries, the beautiful mountains and soon (as of 2014) legal marijuana for recreational purposes. In addition to these strengths, Denver also has a lot of museums, beautiful parks and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities. When you're in the area, do not forget to visit Boulder, a famous hippie campus 40 minutes away from Denver.

Kansas City, Missouri

kansas city Crossroads District

Maybe it will not be at the top of your list of destinations to visit, but this is a pity.Take a ride in the Crossroads Arts District to find eclectic boutiques, art galleries and restaurants of all kinds. Moreover, thanks to the Google Fiber system, based on a broadband internet network with a fiber optic infrastructure, the connection here is very fast everywhere.

Seattle, Washington

seattle coffee house

This city in the North West is an essential stop. Known to have the best coffee in the country (Starbucks was born here), it has so many delicious little bars and cafes that it is impossible to count them; Capitol Hill is the main meeting place for young people who want to drink cheaply. Even the avid readers here are at ease: in Seattle there is in fact the largest number of libraries per inhabitant.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans French Quarter

Brilliant, eternally young and always partying, New Orleans offers a perfect balance between beautiful architecture, great food and fun . Lose yourself in the picturesque French Quarter, relax in the vibrant Arts District and experience the delights of Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Austin, Texas

telescope installation in Austin

There are a lot of good reasons to visit Austin. As for example the concerts ... in the city there are a multitude of proposals, from indie rock to samba to ska, in addition to the famous SXSW Festival. Are you a fine palate? Extravagant restaurants and appetizing venues will make your happiness. Want to party? To please the many students at the University of Texas, here you will find a tide of bars and night clubs . The unofficial motto of the city is "Keep Austin Weird," (keep Austin strange), one of the most beautiful ever.

Missoula, Montana


Thinking of Montana, you may think of great plains, horses and cowboys. Missoula, however, will pleasantly surprise you: many green spaces and a lively university campus make it unsuspiciously cool. Surrounded by mountains, it is filled with art galleries and festivals, such as the River City Roots Festival.

Burlington, Vermont

Brewfest 2013 - Burlington

Vermont is the state with the largest number of beer producers per capita and this means that you can see several breweries here without going far. In town, visit the Magic Hat Brewing Company, the Switchback Brewery, the Vermont Pub and Brewery and the Zero Gravity Brewing. Headquartered in the University of Vermont, Burlington is known for being politically active, progressive and with an ever-young spirit . Its location on the shore of Lake Champlain and its proximity to the mountains make it a perfect starting point for outdoor activities.

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