The advantages of booking flight + hotel with eDreams

Planning a trip can be stressful: decide the destination, the best dates ... and once you find the perfect combination it's time to look for accommodation. For this reason, today we want to present you the advantages of using the flights plus hotels packages, which allow you to book at a glance all that you need for a perfect holiday.

Why book a flight for more hotels with eDreams?

Plan your trip in just 5 minutes!

We have timed: you will need exactly 5 minutes to finalize your flight booking plus hotels best fits your needs. This means being able to reserve your perfect trip during the advertising of your favorite program, in the elevator returning from lunchtime, or maybe while walking and waiting for the light to turn green. Comfy, no?

Let's talk about prices

Here in eDreams we negotiate with thousands of airlines and hotels to find the best prices. Did you know that if you combine flight more hotels you can save up to 30% compared to the cost that would have the two services purchased separately? This way you will have 30% more budget to give you a whim while you are traveling. What about a museum, a theater show or maybe a good local dinner?

Travel according to your style

We have more hotel flight offers for all accommodation styles, from hostels or pensions to 5-star hotels with spa and in-room breakfast. Using the filters you will find the option that best meets your needs, just select the one you are looking for and we will find it.

Moreover, you can also choose that hotel with an incredible pool that friends have told you so much about. Just enter the name of the hotel in the search field and we will show you the best hotel flight offers available just for that hotel!

What if no one recommended a hotel? Then you can rely on user opinions , on price or use the " heat map " feature, which shows you which bars, shops, museums, etc. they are located near each hotel. This way you make sure that your accommodation is close to the one that interests you the most. When you travel there is no time to waste!

At your pace

Are you a traveler who does not like to plan everything in advance? Does your holiday include various destinations? Do not worry, we also give you the option to book a hotel for only a few days of your trip, for example, only the arrival night or the time you need to get to know the new destination and start the adventure!

All in the same place

Confirmation of your flight booking more hotels will arrive in the same email, so you will have all the details summarized in one communication, an easy and quick way to always access what you need.Tell us about it in the comments!