We at eDreams would like to share with you our favorite destinations for summer 2014.

The best destinations for summer 2018

Here we are again talking about holidays ... because when the temperature rises and the days get longer, the mind inevitably finds itself dreaming of more and more trips. We personally have already drawn up our wish list and we want to share with you some destinations that have particularly attracted our attention . Each of them is perfect to visit in the summer and has a unique mix of sun, nature and culture. Good exploration!

1. Cape Verde, Africa

Still rather unspoiled, the archipelago of Cape Verde has always been a crossroads of different cultures; here, in fact, the inhabitants have African, Portuguese, Mediterranean and Latin American origins that blend together creating a fascinating mosaic of contrasts, as well as the strong natural environment of the islands: from the arid and lunar hinterland to the hills covered with luxuriant vegetation up to the wild and sunny beaches bathed by a sea that invites to diving. A perfect mix of unspoiled nature, nightlife and water sports (thanks to the wind and the waves).

When to go : all year round; our summer coincides with the wet season, but rainfall here hardly ever lasts more than a day and is practically absent on the islands of Sal, Boavista and Maio.

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2. Bosnia

Sarajevo, bridge over the river Miljacka

Sarajevo, the city that suffered 3 devastating wars and was reborn under the protection of 6 several national flags, fortunately managed to keep much of its character intact. Buildings from the imperial era coexist alongside the minarets that dot the skyline, the air is pleasantly scented with coffee and spices while merchants of carpets and silver traders haunt the cobblestone streets. A lively and melancholic mix at the same time, which helps to enchant visitors with a magical atmosphere, the atmosphere of Sarajevo . The city is also today one of the safest capitals in the world and its streets are full of locals and tourists, ready to discover its old neighborhoods (mahalas) and the beautiful surroundings, walking the trails of the Dinaric Alps.

When to go: from April to October, then the cold becomes intense.

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3. Scotland, United Kingdom

Spectacular views of the Highlands take visitors into a fairytale world, between vast solitary lands, rugged hills and turbulent skies that will make you think you're inside an episode of Game of Thrones. Add to this surreal atmosphere beautiful cities full of life and culture, such as Edinburgh, and sporting events. Do not miss a walk along the new route that starts just outside Edinburgh and continues for more 45 miles along the winding coast passing through Dunbar.

When to go : June and September are the best options to enjoy a pleasant climate and less crowds. If you feel like leaving, take a look at our most popular flight offers to Edinburgh.

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4.A Coruña instead, the capital, you can attend local festivals and try the delicious gastronomy, just one step from freezing as fascinating little bays to explore. And if there is still time, it is a must to visit the spectacular Ciés Islands, part of a Natural Park off Vigo, where there is also a camp site.

When to go : the months between June and August are the hottest and dryest, so the best for travelers.

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5. Fraser Island, Australia

A relatively small island, compared to the immensity of the Australian continent, but enclosing in a limited space a large number of natural wonders: 25 species of mammals, 350 of birds and 865 different types of plants, to which to add hundreds of lakes and miles and kilometers of pristine beaches . A real paradise, recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1992 and loved by tourists, who flock here by visiting Queensland. Probably you will not be alone in the largest sand island in the world, but we guarantee that the splendor of the environment will make you forget anything else.

When to go : all year thanks to the subtropical climate. In July and August (winter) temperatures range between 15 and 22 degrees.

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6. Iran

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Esfahan, Iran

Not a summer destination for sunbathing and carefree fun, but if you love culture and history, Iran will give you unique emotions. Among ancient cities, majestic mosques and unmissable museums , this incredible Nation opens up to those who want and have time to know it not superficially; among its wonders, absolutely unmissable Persepolis, Esfahan, Tehran and Shiraz. And if you get tired of the cultural explorations, you can always dedicate yourself to trekking on the beautiful Zagros mountains and the Bavanat valley.

When to go : June and September are preferable in July and August.

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7. Iceland

From a few years to this part, Iceland has rightly become a very popular destination among European tourists and around the world, because associated with a magical universe, literally "frozen" in a dimension far from everything else. A popularity due above all to its natural beauty, made of glaciers, thermal springs, volcanoes, geysers and high peaks and charming villages and welcoming despite the harsh climate. And 'thanks to all these attractions that during the summer the country is quite crowded, but this is obviously also the best season to visit it. Our advice is to rent a car and explore, one by one, the locations along the spectacular "Route 1", a ring road that runs through the island in a circular form.

When to go : July and August; September is also a good time, because prices fall to half and most of the territory can still be visited.

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8.Its name indicates a low and marshy area near the sea, marked by rivers; but if once this was an unhealthy environment and to be reclaimed, today the region is an enchanting tourist destination, rich in things to do and see. From the promontory of Punta Ala to the Uccellina mountains, from the splendid Isola del Giglio and the Argentario to the Orbetello lagoon , passing through wild and isolated beaches and hills where agritourisms are perched ready to make guests fall in love with their rustic and simple atmosphere.

When to go : September is a splendid month to appreciate the colors and the light of the countryside and to enjoy quieter beaches.