Sovereign megalomaniacs, absurd stories, magical places ... here are some of the strangest micronations in the world.

Micronations: a journey among the most bizarre in the world

Since the birth of modern society, some men have felt the need to call themselves out of the rigid rules imposed by the social, political and economic system and to carve out a place where they can freely express and decide autonomously the organization best suited to their own beliefs and needs. Some of these men, visionaries, eccentrics and idealists, have succeeded in their project, founding "kingdoms" often so strange that they do not seem real. We are talking about micronations , small or small territories that would like to be (but are not ) considered as independent states to all effects. The term micronation, coined in the '70s to define the many self-proclaimed, pirate and anti-conformist entities that were emerging all over the world, today includes fifty unlikely, fabulous, sometimes almost ridiculous "states", but each with a curious story that deserves to be told. For this reason, today we decided to present some of the most bizarre micronations in the world .

Kingdom of Talossa

A view of Talossa

King Robert I , or Robert Ben Madison, was 14 when he decided to found this micronation in Wisconsin . It was 1979 and initially the adjoining territory included only the bedroom of Madison, but with time (in particular after 1995, the year of opening of the dedicated website) the surface and the inhabitants increased up to the number of 200 "Cybercits" , as new citizens are called. The current king is John I (John Woolley), elected through a referendum in 2007 and the national anthem is called " Chirluscha àl Glheþ " (Ode to the Talossan language); the taloxan ( gallo-romanza language) is the official language , but for most communication English is used.

Republic of Saugeais


From a joke between an hotelier in the France area of ​​Saugeais, near the border with Switzerland, and a prefect that passed by there, was born in 1947 this Republic , spread over an area of ​​128 km and including 11 municipalities, with capital Montbenoît. It is said that at that time the prefect of Doubs visited Montbenoît and stayed at the Abbey Hotel, owned by Georges Pourchet. The latter asked the host if he had permission to enter the Republic of Saugeais, who explained that he founded self-proclaiming president. The current President is Georgette Pourchet-Bertin and La Repubblica also has a TV and a football team , whose colors are yellow and black.


4 km away from the town Israeli of Nahariya, the santon Avivi decided to establish his pacifist and hippie Republic .A republic that has reduced its energy consumption by 90%, eliminating waste and producing more energy than it consumes. ", reads the treaty of foundation of this entity that includes 193 inhabitants and that has established its headquarters in Gubbio, in Umbria . Born from an idea of ​​Jacopo Fo, son of Dario, here are a ecovillage cutting edge and works of art of all kinds and you can try strange courses, such as donkey-therapy , the demented yoga or the ethological doma of horses. A curiosity: the world conference of Micronations, Polination, was held in Alcatraz on July 19, 2014.

Aerican Empire (Aerica)

Defined by the New York Times as the "most imaginative place in the world", this micronation was founded in 1987 and has "possessions" spread all over the world , as well as a colony on Mars, the northern hemisphere of Pluto and an imaginary planet called Verden. To become a citizen, it is enough to have a great sense of humor, love fantasy and be passionate about absurd events and celebrations . Some examples? The Dog-Biscuit Appreciation Day Scavenger Hunt (Day of the appreciation of dog crunches), the W hat the Heck is That Day (March 19), Oops Day (27 February) or the Procratinator's Day (2 January). Its flag can be recognized by the smiley.

Republic of Molossia

If you are crossing the Reno desert, in Nevada, you may see a strange sign: the arrows indicate on one side the United States and on the other the Republic of Molossia. What is it about? Of a micronation only 2.5 hectares , founded by its president Kevin Baugh in 1977. In office for more than 30 years, it reigns in a population of only 6 inhabitants, but they also have an office postal and own currency representing the first lady . If you visit, the President can entertain you talking about the various conflicts of Molossia, such as the Dead Dog War and the War with Mustachistan, and if you are lucky you can also take part in the Molossian Space Program launching a rocket to pressure!


La Molvanîa, or "the land never reached by dentists", is a imaginary place born from the imagination of three Australian boys, authors of the exhilarating Jet Lag Guides, a sort of "Lonely Planet" series of countries imaginary, with information on history, geography and places totally absurd, grotesque and senseless. In this case, it is a literary parody of the countries of Eastern Europe , where honesty and ecology are always in first place ... an example? "... If something goes missing, look for a Guardia Zivil right away. Chances are the person responsible for the theft "!

Republic of Kugelmugel

source: CeBepuH/flickr

The Republic of Kugelmugel, in Austria , declared its independence in 1984 and today has 389 citizens. The origins of his birth must be sought in the dispute between the artist Edwin Lipburger, who had been denied the possibility of building a sphere in his own garden, and the Austrian authorities.Only by observing some better did they realize that the names referring to the island derive from the terminology of the press ... It is said that the enthusiasm for the April Fool was born from this memorable joke.

Principality of Hutt River

... or Hutt River Province, is a farm in Western Australia which proclaimed itself an autonomous province in 1970. In reality, it is not recognized as such by the Australian state, although it is said that according to the interpretation of some laws of the British Crown may declare his secession from the Continent. The current sovereign is Leonard I and the citizens are 13 thousand, a figure that makes Hutt River the most populous micronation . The Province owns a Royal Mint that coins the Hutt River Dollar, a service of Poste Principesche and also special plates for cars .

Principality of Sealand

source: octal/flickr

Probably the most famous micronation in the world, the Principality of Sealand was established in 1967 on an abandoned anti-aircraft platform of the Second World War that lies off the Essex waters (Great Britain); chosen at the beginning by a pirate radio group to be able to transmit freely, it became in time an oasis of web-hosting, hosting for a while even Napster. Today it is possible to buy through the internet the title of Baron or Count of Sealand, documents that allow to be invited to all official events. Sealand also beats its own currency and issues stamps and passports . There is also a website with the history and main news:


source: 4sitc .com

Whose space is it? Before the space explorations, the first man on the moon, of the Mars probe, James Thomas Mangan, a lord of Illinois, decided to establish a nation that included the whole universe , to avoid disputes between states . The name was "The Nation of the Celestial Space" and was born in 1949 to claim the sovereignty of all mankind on space . Unfortunately, the experiment did not last long and with the death of its founder, Celestia also died. Today there are some stamps and gold and silver coins created by Mangan until the mid-60s.