With the arrival of spring, the desire to leave the house and get to know new corners of the world returns. Here then is a list of the best destinations to visit in this colorful temperate season.

The 20 best destinations to visit in the spring

Spring is finally here! The sun begins to tick, the flowers bloom and all this explosion of warmth and color can not but bring good mood. To celebrate, eDreams has decided to take you to discover the 20 most beautiful floral landscapes to visit during this season.

1. The Goldfield Mountains in Arizona, United States

Photos of CEBImagery Flickr

2. Mount Fuji, Japan

Photos by Furbychan via Flickr

3. The gardens of Keukenhof, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Source: Sam DeLong via Flickr

4. Corbridge, England

Photo by Steve via Flickr

5. Valle del Jerte, Extremadura, Spain

Photo by Antonio via Flickr

6. Hangzhou, China

Photo by Paul D'Ambra via Flickr

7. Central Park, New York, United States

Photo by gigi_nyc via Flickr

8. Malmö, Sweden

Photo by Oskar Ferm via Flickr

9. Bonn, Germany

Photos by © 2014 by Marc Oliver John via FLickr

10. Yunnan, China

Photos by Ronald Tagra via Flickr