What to visit in Prague? The enchanted capital of the Czech Republic is a city that leaves its mark on anyone who visits it. 25 ideas to discover it better.

What to see in Prague: 25 tips

It is quite common, when you meet someone who has just returned from Prague the first thing you will hear is: " Prague is a fairytale city ". And as it happens with all the universal truths, you will be surprised by repeating the exact same phrase as soon as you set foot in the Czech capital.

We do not know if this enchantment effect that Prague has on its visitors is due to its streets , to the bridges on the Vltava river or to the effects of absinthe. What we have clear is the itinerary that you should not miss to get to know the city and we want to share it with you by presenting what to visit in Prague .

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25 things to see in Prague:

1. Visit Prague Castle, visible from anywhere in the city

This is the largest single-body castle in the world as well as the most famous Czech national monument; dating back to the year 880, stands imposing on one of the 9 heights on which the city of Prague is built and is today and the seat of the Czech president. In addition to visiting historic palaces, fortifications and gardens, from here you can enjoy an absolutely marvelous view!

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2. Enter the Cathedral of San Vito, inside the walls of the castle, to discover the origins of the saying "having the dance of San Vito". Once inside do not miss the window created by Mucha in pure Art Nouveau style

The majestic Gothic cathedral is one of the largest in Europe and perhaps the most important dedicated to the Italian saint. Do you know why they say "having the ball of San Vito" talking about a restless person? Because it was the saint himself who healed Emperor Diocletian's son from "infectious chorea", an encephalitis that causes uncontrollable muscular movements and has since been called the St. Vitus dance.

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3. Take a walk, without looking at the clock, to the old quarter of the city, Staré Město

Stroll through the romantic alleyways and stop for a break in the old town square abducted from the notes of some street performers.

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4. Look for the Franciscan garden, one of the treasures of the new district, Nove Město

A real natural oasis in the center of Prague, with perfect benches to rest under fragrant rose bowers . In summer the garden is open every day until 10 pm.

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6. Take a stroll around the Jewish quarter and be amazed by the dense collection of gravestones from the cemetery and the history of this place

Also called Josefov , is a of the oldest areas of the city and, in its graveyard full of gravestones attached to each other, prominent figures of the local Jewish community have been buried since 1400.

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7. Take a picture of the famous "Dancing House", a modern and unique work that does not leave you indifferent

Also called "Fred and Ginger", this house actually reminds a couple of dancing dancers; if you go up to the seventh floor you will find a French restaurant where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city.

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8. Emulate artists of other times tasting a glass of absinthe

The most loved liquor by cursed poets and Hemingway, consumed in large quantities in the nineteenth century, is back today in Prague; in traditional bars they prepare it by burning sugar soaked in wormwood on a teaspoon, which you then pour into your glass with the liqueur and stretch with water. Eye not to overdo it!

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9. Cross the Charles Bridge and find the statue that, if touched, brings good luck

It is the oldest and most famous bridge in Prague, which connects the Old Town to the Malá district Strana. Made of stone in Gothic style, we suggest you to cross it at night for an experience between the disturbing and the fairytale (and because there are many less tourists!).

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10. Take advantage of this moment on the most famous bridge in the city to stop and listen to the street musicians that you will surely cross

There are all styles and for all tastes, surrounded by local artists and souvenirs sellers.

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11. Dedicate a few moments to the memory of John Lennon in front of the wall that remembers who was

After the famous singer's death, in 1980, local youths began to fill this wall (until then any gray wall) of graffiti and drawings inspired by John Lennon. From that moment on it became a symbol of peace and tolerance.

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12.If time permits, take a picnin in the Stromovka park

Inside this large, beautiful park 2 km from the city center you can stroll, admire a collection of sculptures and visit the planetarium.

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14. The most beautiful (and ancient) astronomical clock in the world can be found in the tower of the Commune. It is one of the symbols of the city

This incredible clock was built by the master Hanus and is surrounded by an aura of mystery and a series of legends; the show of his statues that move to dance a carousel, every day of the year at any time, from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm, is a call for thousands of tourists.

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15. Try the vepřo-knedlo-zelo, one of the typical dishes of the Czech Republic: stewed pork, pasta and savoy cabbage

Czech cuisine is not exactly "light" or "vegeratian- friendly ", but its dishes are a real energy injection, especially if you visit the city in winter.

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16. Enter the Café Louvre to step back in time and relive the philosophical debates that Kafka faced with his peers (Národní nº20)

The whole spirit of the Belle Epoque is enclosed in this great bar and restaurant with vintage stucco and pink walls. Opened in 1902 and a meeting place for local high society, it is still today one of the most popular places for locals and tourists.

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17. Walk through the colorful houses of the Golden Lane and stop in front of the number 22, this was the birthplace of Franz Kafka

If you are a fan of the Czech writer, you can not miss a pilgrimage to the house that saw it born!

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18. Prague is the city of beer lovers and U-Fleku is the oldest brewery in the city

The pub was founded in 1499 and still sells only one type of beer , a dark lager called Flekovsky Tmavy Lezák 13 ° , which is produced in the same building and is not available anywhere else in the world.

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19. The Klementinum is the second largest architectural complex in Prague and was the seat of the Jesuit school and university.Have a snack or breakfast in the only Cubist bar in the world, the Grand Café Orient

Everything here is cubic: the spiders of the decorations, the chairs, the sofas, the mirrors ... have fun discovering the hidden details in this fantastic unique bar in the city.

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22. If you go to Prague with your partner you can not stop on the Velkopřevorský bridge, also known as "Bridge of lovers"

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23. From Prague, take a day trip to the famous seaside town of Karlovy Vary. You can choose a relaxing session in traditional style in its thermal waters or try its beer brewery.

In addition to the thermal baths, the city also has a beautiful artistic heritage of numerous buildings Baroque and Art Nouveau.

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24. Visit the Powder Gate, a defensive fortification dating back to the 15th century

This is the monumental access to the Old Town, where the procession of the Bohemian kings once passed .

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25. Do not miss a show of "black theater" at the Image Theater, they are the light games that tell the story.

And after each show you can discover some of the secrets of the effects used thanks to a short interactive workshop with the artists!

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How to get to Prague airport ?

Prague airport, also known as Václav Havel Airport (PRG), is located about 10 km from the city and can be reached with several means of transport, such as taxis, private vehicles and public buses.

The bus number 119 connects the center of Prague with the airport, the journey takes about 20 minutes and the ticket it can be bought on the bus itself. This bus will leave you at the Dejvická stop of a subway line. Also the 100 bus connects the Ruzyne airport with a metro station: Zlicín.