A list of things to do in the capital of the Italian Renaissance.

15 things to do in Florence

Florence is one of the most loved cities by tourists all over the world for its art and its architecture. Taking a walk along the Arno river of the Renaissance capital is an experience that deserves to be experienced. The Tuscan capital was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and the reasons are not difficult to imagine. Treat yourself to a weekend in this artistic city and, if you are a lover of art, you will be enchanted. Here are our tips on the things to do in Florence :

Climb on Giotto's Bell Tower

The effort of the climb is worth the penalty for the view that you appreciate from up there in the whole city.

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Treat yourself to a meal at La Cucina del Garga

Owned by the renowned Chef Alessandro Garganis in this restaurant you can savor the most traditional dishes of Tuscan and Florentine cuisine but also other more international delicacies. The most famous creations of chef Garganis are the Emperor's Spaghetti (with calamari, prawns and a citrus sauce) and the Garga Salad.

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Cross Ponte Vecchio

This bridge is usually full of tourists but it is a special place that deserves to be visited. The view from this place at sunrise and sunset is spectacular.

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Take a dip in Italian culture

Florence is full of museums, exhibitions and exhibitions that will really appeal to art lovers.Poggi and go up the winding walkway.

2- Stop to admire the view at Piazzale Michelangelo before starting the climb to San Miniato al Monte.

3- Take a walk around the church of San Miniato al Monte, enter the cemetery and admire the splendid view of Florence and the surrounding countryside. (The church is one of the oldest in Florence and a splendid example of Romanesque art).

4- Returning to the city, stop at the Giardino delle Rose, in Viale G. Poggi 2.

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Eat an ice-cream

Taking a break with an ice-cream is the simplest and delicious you can imagine. Try the ice cream shops: Vivoli , Why No! , Grom, and Festival .

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Relax watching the rowers

There is a club of rowers (it's called" Canottieri Firenze ", and was founded in 1888), just to the right of the Ponte Vecchio, it is therefore frequent to see the rowers rowing on the Arno.

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Eat at the Central Market

At the Central Market you will find Tuscan and Italian products in one space or set up to experience a gastronomic experience through all the senses. Many stalls have shelves filled with delicacies and some even have them hanging from the ceiling .. you will want to taste everything!

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Santa Maria Novella Pharmaceutical Perfume Workshop

Considered a traditional museum, it is an ancient pharmacy, herbalist and perfumery that is now part of the cultural heritage of Florence.

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Meat to infinity!

A Florentine to the blood (not dare to ask well c otta!) and incredibly tender. It usually weighs between 600 and 800 grams per serving, so make sure you get hungry or share it with someone.