To escape the usual sightseeing tour of Berlin, here are 30 things to see in Berlin tested by the local that you should not miss out on in the city.

30 things to see in Berlin

Berlin is probably one of the most vibrant, dynamic, alternative and surprising cities in the whole of the Old Continent. A capital with infinite potentials and a thousand faces, where you can meet face to face with the history and contradictions of contemporary Europe, meet people from the most unusual backgrounds, go wild in clubs, try tasty street food and know the new trends in music, art, fashion, cinema ... To escape the usual tour, here you are 30 experiences tested by local that you should not miss city.

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Berlin: what to see

1. Attending a karaoke show at the Mauerpark, between the ruthless and irreverent audience

Every Sunday afternoon, a "professional" karaoke is set up in the Mauerpark arena, in the district of Prenzlauer Berg. take part; the price to pay? The judgment of the public, partico wildly unleashed! In the park you will also find a gigantic vintage market, food trucks and improvised shows of all kinds.

@ madeinberlinvintage

2. Discover the bars of Holzmarkt, a set of little bars along the river where you can drink something and relax on one of the tables in the green.

Summer in Berlin is magical: the bars that pull out their tables to the open, the long days and the luxuriant vegetation invite to spend time in the open air sipping a beer and chatting with friends. These bars, full of quiet and picturesque corners, are the perfect place to do it!

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3. Sunbathing or bathing at the Badeshiff Berlin

This is a container on the river transformed into a swimming pool, very popular with Berliners and foreigners; I recommend, do not leave without having tried the delicious "roll" of vegetables !. If you are looking for a quieter spot, head towards the Plötzensee lake just outside the city.

@ mt_aurum

4. Walk, relax or organize a barbecue at the Tiergarten, the big park in the middle of the city

The parks are without a doubt one of the most interesting attractions of Berlin, and the Tiergarten is the most famous of the city's green lungs . Here you can do pretty much everything and easily spend a few hours or even all day.

@ berlincanadaunduberhaupt.3

5.Climb to the top of the Alexanderplatz TV tower

From here you will have an incredible 360 ​​degree view of the German capital and the legendary "Alex" square, so important for Berliners.

@ canalalemanizando

7. Pass under the Brandenburg Gate (the Brandenburg Gate), an important symbol of Berlin and the whole of Germany

The most famous monument in Berlin, this neoclassical door is also the typical reference point where everyone give an appointment.

@ emreeekilic

8. Listen to a concert of classical music in the austere and impressive cathedral of Berlin

In the summer there is the international organ festival (the Cathedral is one of the oldest in the country and has 7000 canne), but seeing a concert in this suggestive location is worth all year.

@ travlngicesk8tr

9. Stroll through the medieval alleys of the Nikolaiviertel, the oldest residential area in Berlin

This is the area of ​​medieval origin within the Mitte district of Berlin (unfortunately almost completely destroyed during the Second World War), today place under monumental protection.

@ gotberlin

10. Seeing Berlin from another perspective: in the middle of the water, taking a cruise on the river Spree

You can see the Cathedral, the Museum Island, the Reichstag Building and many other points of the city while sipping a drink, listen to music and slide on the river.

@ visit_berlin

11. Going in and out of a local area along the lively, inexpensive and nonconformist Simon-Dach-Strasse, in the Friedrichshain district.

If you want to experience the Friedrichshain punk then go to the Rigaer Str., The historic street of occupied houses; today almost all closed, but there remain 2 that do not give up. In the evening there are several underground clubs, for example the Fischladen.

@ sillysundaymorning

12. Dancing until sunrise in the Watergate disco or the Berghain

Attention, the selection of the Berghain is legendary and you enter here only as long as you seem a little crazy!Swinging at the Strandbarmitte

You can also try your hand at the tango rhythm in this popular beach bar with an exotic atmosphere.

@ millah29

14. If you are in the mood for madness and transgression, dare the KitKat Club, a club where everything is allowed ...

If you pass the rigid selection at the entrance, you may be asked to remove a piece of clothing (for example the pants), as a proof of good will and to enter the spirit of the club!

@ ohheytherese

15. Visit the grand palace of Sansoucci and relax among the trees of its green gardens

Just 30 minutes from the center of Berlin, it is a beautiful oasis of quiet and beauty protected by UNESCO.

@ freefolk

16. Admire the façade of the German Bundestag, the German parliament

Once inside, you will find a roof garden restaurant with a fantastic view of the city (remember to book it before you leave!).

@ johannes_kieper

17. Let the atmosphere of Berlin stroll through the Gendarmenmarkt, one of the most representative squares of the city

Majestic and elegant, there are two cathedrals (the German and French Dome) and the concert hall. p>

@ taindopraonde

18. Cross the very famous crossing point between the American and Soviet Checkpoint Charlie

Although a bit 'cliché tourist, you can not visit this legendary border crossing, able to instantly bring back in time. p>

19. Try streetfood made in berlin

That is: currywurst and doner kebab; one of the best kebabs in the city can be found at 32 Mehringdamm.

@ marianguyen ._

20.Let yourself go to the pleasure of shopping on Kurfürstendamm

Enter the KaDeWe, a shopping center built in 1907. It is the most important shopping mall of Germany, especially famous for its dedicated plan to the kitchen.

@ flavourflaves.allerlei

22. Visit one of the many museums on the island of museums (Museumsinsel).

There are 5 museums in total: the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery and the Old Museum. Learn about the masterpieces stored in each of them before deciding which one to visit.

@ tlal2

23. Enter the Berlin Zoo, famous for hosting the largest number of species in the world

Also visit the Berliner Baer, ​​a green oasis in the center of the city where some bears live, loved and fondled by everyone; the bear is in fact the symbol of the city.

@ xxviccytoriaxx

24 . Visit the Eastside Gallery, with the remains of the Wall, at Mühlenstraße, 10243

Admire graffiti created by artists from around the world, before the area becomes a parking space!

@ flicknelson

25. Potsdamer Platz tour

Here, among the many skyscrapers, is the Sony center, home of the Berlin Film Festival.

@ potsdamerplatzberlin

26. Discover the area around the U Bhf Nollendorfplatz

This is a gay-friendly and relaxed area with interesting and pleasant bars and markets.

@ brownbagbooks

27. Take a bike ride in the former Tempelhof Airport, now converted into a green area right in the center.

Stretch out on the grass, skate, organize a barbecue or simply feel part of the history of Berlin!

@ awesomeberlin

28.Participate in the World Language Party, every Wednesday at 6 pm, on the back of the floating Eastern comfort hostelboat.

It's a great way to get to know Berliners and foreigners and exchange experiences and impressions of the city.

@ kennethsurat

30. Venturing into the city's underground with a visit to "underground Berlin"

Bunkers, anti-aircraft shelters, tunnels and underground tunnels will let you know an important part of Berlin's history.

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