If you do not want to end the "guiris" (unwary tourists) read our tips on 30 things to see in Bacellona!

30 things to see in Barcelona

Perhaps you already know Barcelona , a Mediterranean city with a timeless charm and one of the most popular travel destinations by Italians, but probably not so deep as to have had the opportunity to discover hidden places, try typically local experiences or let you conquer the authentic Catalan gastronomy. If you do not want to end the "guiris" (foreigners) who spend time walking up and down the Rambla, drinking sangria and eating an improbable (and dear) paella, read our tips on 30 things to do in Barcelona and then look for a low cost flight and games!

And if you want to discover some curiosities about the Catalan capital, do not miss this video:

What to do in Barcelona

1. Get lost in the narrow streets or squares of the Born and the Gothic Quarter and discover the less known corners

These two districts of the Old Town, full of charm, hide picturesque alleys, squares rich in history and atmosphere, shops perfect for shopping and magnificent churches, such as those of Santa Maria del Mar.

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2. Doing "a tub" in Passeig de Gracia with the nose up, surprising for the modernist creative genius of Gaudí

The two most famous houses of the architect symbol of the modernist movement, Antoni Gaudí , overlooking this large avenue that connects the district of Gracia with Plaça Catalunya. La Pedrera and Casa Batlló are some of Barcelona's top tourist attractions.

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3. Go along with the skates (or walk) the Paseo Maritimo from Barceloneta to the Forum

On the seafront that runs along the Barceloneta and then the other beaches of the coast of Barcelona until you get to the Forum, you will feel be in Venice Beach: cyclists, skaters, skaters, characters of all walks enjoying the sea breeze and the view of the Mediterranean.

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4. Drink a glass of absinthe at the Marsella bar, the oldest in the city, where Hemingway was also at home

A dusty bar where the air smells of antique wood, with more than 100 years of story on the shoulders, which still attracts locals and tourists who want to feel for a moment like Voltaire!

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5.See a free exhibition in Palau Robert (Paseo de Gracia) or one of the many galleries in the city

On the corner of Passeig de Gracia and Diagonal, the beautiful Robert palace is always home to interesting exhibitions they will help you to get closer to the Catalan culture: the history of the great local chefs, like Ferran Adriá, satire, the role of women ... let us jump!

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7. Relax while drinking a fresh caña on the Antic Teatre patio and see a theater show

This bar, just a few steps from the Palau de la Musica Catalana, in the Born area, hides a relaxing terrace where shade of trees, university students, tourists, families and young people hipsters relax by drinking a beer and having a chat. Inside we organize performances of contemporary theater.

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8. Make a picnic in the Ciutadella park, in the company of all kinds of characters

The lungs see the city, the Ciutadella Park, is a space beloved by the Barcelonians, who come here to play, eat, drink, play the guitar, do yoga ... spend Saturday or Sunday at lunchtime with a sarong and a packed lunch.

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9. Eat fresh tapas in one of Barceloneta's bars (Jai-Ca or Can Mano) and follow an exquisite Can Ros paella

A holiday in Barcelona would not be complete without tasting a seafood paella , and the neighborhood where to do it is of course the one closest to the sea, the Barceloneta. You will be spoiled for choice among the restaurants, we will recommend a couple, apart from the Can Ros: the Mar Salada and the Pez Vela.

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10. Listening to flamenco live, dancing and drinking a few glasses of vermouth on a Saturday afternoon at the Leo Bar (Barceloneta)

If for you Spanish bars are synonymous with a spartan and lively atmosphere, then the Leo bar it's what's right for you. An Andalusian enclave where young people come on Saturday to drink something and listen to live flamenco played in the tiny interior room.Eating the delicious "churros con chocolate" in calle Petritxol, in the Barrio Gótico

In this delightful street in the heart of the gothic quarter there are perfect chocolates to warm up the cold winter afternoons; the churros, of substantial fried sticks, accompanied by a hot chocolate, are the champion's snack!

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12. Take a break sitting on the steps of the MACBA square, watching the skater's evolutions

Barcelona is one of the favorite European cities for skateboarders, and this square in the Raval district is the epicenter of this sport. On the steps of the museum of contemporary art and in the large space in front of the skaters they engage in spectacular "tricks" at any time of day or evening.

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13. Spend an evening in Gracia, in one of the many bars or sit in the Plaza del Sol

The squares in the Gracia district are one more beautiful than the other, and in each one you will find a lot of bars with outdoor tables where you can take a break looking at the life that flows. A cheaper alternative is to sit on the ground with your beer, as do hundreds of young people every weekend in the Plaça del Sol.

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14. See Messi pull a "hat-trick" at the Camp Nou

The "flea" is unanimously considered as the best football player in the world; do you want to miss the opportunity to see him play in his field?

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15. Go hunting for antiques or knick-knacks at the market of Encants

In this huge market, renovated for some years and now housed in a futuristic space, you will find everything: from antiques to clothes to trinkets more absurd.

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16.Breakfast with seafood at the Pinotxo bar in La Boquería market

The legendary La Rambla market, the Boquería, despite being very touristy, still has characteristic small bars inside that serve very fresh tapas at the counter. This is the case of this small kiosk, where everything is delicious!

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18. Walk up to Montjuic to contemplate the sky and the magnificent view of the city

Whether you take the cable car, whether you arrive on foot or by bus, a picnic in Montjuic will make you forget to be in the city and will give you a wonderful view of Barcelona.

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19. Instead of the tourist Barceloneta, choose the playa de la Mar Bella for a drink at the chiringuito or a little 'relaxation in the sun watching the surfers

Quiet and clean, this beach a few hundred meters from the most famous Barceloneta is perfect for a bath or maybe a little paddle surf .

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20. Observe the lively cutural melting-pot on the Rambla del Raval

Multi-ethnic, over the top and alternative, the Raval is a constantly moving neighborhood, and the best place to observe its teeming life is the Rambla del Raval, with its palm trees and the giant cat by the sculptor Botero.

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21. Walking through the Parc Guell at sunset

Of course you know the Parc Guell, but as you have discovered thousands of tourists! To avoid the crowds and enjoy the sky that turns red above Barcelona, ​​come to the sunset just before it closes.

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22.Cycling along the beautiful and bucolic carretera de las Aigues, in the Collserola park, between the rivers Besós and Llobregat

A stone's throw from the city, at the foot of the Tibidabo, is this beautiful road overview that crosses a natural park; perfect for a Sunday trip on foot or by bike, it will give you the feeling of being in the mountains!

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24. To sift through the old volumes of the Sunday market of the book of San Antoni and explore the vintage shops of the Raval

The book market in the San Antoni district is a joy for readers, collectors, nostalgic in look for antique posters, stickers and more. Join a stroll through the alley Riera Baixa, a succession of vintage shops.

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25. Try the Catalan cuisine: esqueixada, escalibada, calçots amb romesco, butifarra de pagès, pa amb tomaquet, mel i mato, panellets, escudella, suquet ...

Choose a typical restaurant old with the waiters still dressed with butterflies, and try the real Catalan cuisine. An advice? The Cal Boter restaurant or Bilbao, both in Gracia.

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26. Listen to a concert in the Palau de la Musica, enjoying the fantastic acoustics and architecture

Not only is this modernist masterpiece beautiful to see, but it is also one of the best imaginable music rooms! Classical music, guitar and flamenco concerts are organized.

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27. Drink something on the terrace of the Hotel Vela (a little expensive but with a spectacular view!)

Ok, the wallet may suffer a bit, the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea of ​​this elegant Barceloneta hotel is truly spectacular!

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28.Go in search of the small alleys ("passatges") of the Eixample district and visit the "passatge de Permanyer"

Among the avenues of the Eixample are hidden elegant streets where you will find green gardens, restaurants and cocktails. Have fun finding them!

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30. Unleash the rhythm of the Catalan rumba or a street music concert

Rhythm is part of Barcelona's DNA and, especially in the summer, the streets of downtown and Barceloneta are filled with street performers who make even the most shy passersby dance!

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If you want to visit this fantastic city with an eye on the wallet discover our advice by reading the Low Cost Guide . To learn more about the main attractions, find practical information on tickets, costs, transport and much more, we recommend the blog Visit Barcelona, ​​written by bloggers who love Barcelona and want to share the beauty and secrets with their readers./p>

And what do you recommend to do/see in Barcelona?